Wrinkled Was Not What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up!

Actually, I once saw that on a bumper sticker; and boy is it true. Sadly, though, it is what it is.

I have these deep nasolabial folds that run from my nose down to each side of my mouth. Some people call them laugh lines, but I’m not laughing. The one on the left side got so big that my left dimple disappeared into it.

Finally, I went searching for a fix; and I found myself once again at my plastic surgeon’s. He suggested soft tissue filler injections to plump the deep lines beneath the folds. These are injectable compounds used to plump and camouflage the line and make the overlying fold less obvious. They are biodegradable, so they need to be repeated at six months to a year intervals.

There are several to choose from, but I usually use whichever one is cheaper. I’ve used both Restylane and Juvederm, and they do a good job of making the folds much less pronounced. They also keep my skin from puddling down into my jowls.

No, I didn’t get my dimple back, but I like the result just the same. I’m just not sure I’ll keep getting the fillers after I retire.


Before & After Juvederm Photo

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