The History of the Tomahawk

Most of my family are Seminoles.  In American football, that means we support the football program at Florida State University.  We even support them by being Tomahawk boosters.  I have always thought that tomahawks were used first by our Native Americans; but now I’m not so sure.

This morning I read a Scots-Irish blog post that lends new light on the subject.  You can read about it Here.

Due to DNA testing, I’ve been told that I’m about 48% Irish; and after my uncle who is a Roe was tested, we learned that the Roes are Scots-Irish.  Thus the reason I read this blog.

Anyway, they know that the Scottish people have been using the toagh (pronounced ‘too a’ in Gaellic) since pre-historic times; and that they brought it to Ireland and then on to the frontier of America.  It was very handy for cutting and also for arming themselves.  In battle Experienced men could throw one with precision from five to 20 feet away.

I use a version of it in my garden.  It is handy when I happen upon a stray root or a venomous snake.  I have some Native American blood and always thought of it as a device from that lineage, which was also through the Roe line.  One of the Roes, probably the first in America in the 1600s took an Indian wife.

Now, I know that it was also part of the Scots-Irish lineage as well.

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