Movie Review: The Imitation Game–Would You Be Here Today If Not For Alan Turing?

You may owe Alan Turing a favor.  His was the brilliant mind behind a machine that broke the German code used during World War II.  You owe him a favor, because you may not be here today were it not for his work at Bletchley Circle in England.


What he did shortened the war by two to four years saving from 14 to 21 million lives.  If your father or grandfather fought in World War II and survived, there is a good chance that he wouldn’t have if Alan Turing had not existed.

Harold’s father was in the Normandy Invasion.  He was one of the Ninety-Day Wonders who was trained specifically for the naval operations there.  He was part of the second wave at Omaha Beach.

Intelligence gathering and leaking set up the invasion to happen at the right time and the right place for the allied forces and the wrong time and place for the Germans.  Harold realizes that what this man did may have saved his father’s life if not at Normandy then later in the weeks and months after the invasion.

Go see the movie, “The Imitation Game”, on the big screen.  Harold and I went last night, and we can’t stop talking about it today.  It was that riveting.  Also, the word is spreading, because the theatre was full, more than two weeks after its release.

It is the story of Alan Turing, and the role he played in World War II.  Some say what he and his team of crytographers did was just short of a miracle.


Benedict Cumberbatch gave a great performance as Turing.  Keira Knightley is superb as his friend and fiancé.  The rest of the cryptographers were perfectly cast, each playing an important supporting role.  The setting was authentic.


The movie is historical, biographical, emotional and a true life drama.   It is also a thriller, and I was disappointed when it ended because I didn’t want it to end.   It was well worth the dollars spent.  If you loved the series, “The Bletchley Circle”, you’ll love this.

Nominated for Best Movie, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress, it is a movie that both critics and the general population love.  It got five Golden Globe nominations and a chest full of other accolades already.  I cannot wait to see what it gets at the Academy Awards.

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