His Retirement? No Privacy 24-7

It is interesting these days since Chuck retired. This was a house where I was always alone, working in our joint office overlooking the lake. It was peaceful and uninterrupted.

If I wanted to stop and work in my garden for a few minutes, there was nothing to stop me.  Chuck was always downtown in his office.


Fast forward six months to today; and Chuck is always here, hanging around the house, reading, working on his computer, or going fishing. Retirement has really changed our lives.

The kids feel freer to drop in to visit. Our oldest daughter dropped in this morning, and she and her toddler came back this afternoon. 

Actually, it turned out okay. I just continued working in my office, and she and Chuck did all kinds of odd jobs.

They tried to get the downstairs toilet fixed, and they were successful. They played with the grandson outside.

Interesting changes around here! What will our lives be like when we completely retire?   That comes later.

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